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Shu Ou is a product designer adept at transforming real-life opportunities into digital solutions.

Professional Projects

Lead UX Designer

Health insurance platform by the public sector

Product Owner · UX Designer

Task management tool for a nationwide afterschool program

UX Designer / Researcher

Financial risk assessment tool for small business owners

Part-Time UX Designer

Satellite collision avoidance platform

UX Designer

Product transparency application


Hi, I'm Shu. I currently work at Deloitte, where I lead the UX effort for a health insurance project, shaping an enhanced experience in close collaboration with our users and cross-functional stakeholders.

Before Deloitte, I worked at King Tide – a digital venture studio that partnered with early-stage startups in emerging fields, such as fintech and fitness. I helped ship multiple ideas to market, incorporating user-centered frameworks to help answer critical questions in a product development cycle, from opportunity discovery to product validation.

Before coming to design, I was a mechanical engineer and barista, where I worked on simulating spatial mechanisms and (trying to) brew great coffee.

This portfolio highlights part of the features that shipped, as most projects are under NDA.
Reach out to me - I would love to share more about how I collaborate on various stages of product development.


User-centric practices

Rapid prototyping & product validation

Agile development



UX Designer

Home inspection tool for preventing wildfire

Personal Projects

Design Research

Dating Gray - uncovering insights into senior dating

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