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A future strategy for Penske Truck Rental.

How can Penske prepare their self-moving users for the challenges of future living?

An STD Campaign in the City of Long Beach.

A radiation shield made from human waste converted plastic.

In 2030, as we explore deep space further, how can we manage human waste for long duration lunar missions?

A game to communicate wellbeing initiatives to constituents in the City of Santa Monica.

Re-design Home Depot's in-house brand to guide DIY novices.

How can Home Depot enhance the experiences of handling home improvement projects for inexperienced DIYers?

(update in progress)


A mountain bike tailored for the trail mountain biking experience at Angeles National Forest.

Have Fun Making

(update in progress)

A maker at heart.

Collection of small projects for the love of making.

A tribute to my childhood model, Rocky.

More than a 3D modeling exercise.


(update in progress)

A phone bird booth.

Reconnect kids with nature through interactive birding.

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