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The OpenAg Future

Inspired by the OpenAg Initiatives, the OpenAg Future is a new proposal for our food system that builds upon:

1) the collaboration of open-field and urban farming

2) a direct sourcing network comprises of independent farmers

3) transparency and Traceability

Things I've learned/done:

Research: Identified roadblocks to the current food system by investigating four key components: climate, farmers, biotechnology, and consumers. Research methods included field studies, generative tools, and expert interviews.


Digital Farming: In-depth research on the impacts of emerging technologies in the food industry. Identified the urgent needs and obstacles to transition agriculture to digital phase.


Prototype a food computer: Built a prototype of Personal Food Computer to understand the potential and know-how of this controlled environment growing chamber. The learning is further integrated into this new proposal of the open-source food system. (Thanks for the resource from OpenAg Community!)


The New User Experience: Developed a new sustainable food system that empowers independent organic farmers and engages urban consumers. A new user experience design was created which includes the service flow and interface.


Speculative Storytelling: A future dinner table that uses speculative design to imagine what kind of food will be served in 2025. Reflecting on core research findings, the food represents two futures: industrialized farming (the current trajectory) versus open-source agriculture.

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[Stay Tuned]

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